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  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

    Red Sand Project

    Human trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world right now. Los Angeles holds the regrettable position of being one of the highest markets. We can't let anyone fall through the cracks. The first step in combating this problem is raising awareness that incites action.

    To kick off National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, LAUSD’s Student Support Programs is partnering with Red Sand Project to bring a unique experience to our students and staff at our secondary schools District-wide.

    Red Sand Project is an interactive art demonstration designed to raise awareness of human trafficking. By spreading red sand in sidewalk cracks, the project brings attention to those individuals who have “fallen through the cracks” in society.

    We invite you to connect and take action against human trafficking through a public art installation that creates dialogue about the vulnerabilities that can lead to exploitation. Through pouring red sand on pavement cracks, participants will have an opportunity to highlight the warning signs and risk factors associated with trafficking and exploitation.
    To participate, complete the interest form to bring this project to your school site. After completing the form, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss the details! If you have specific questions, please contact Dr. Linet Danoukh
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    Red Sand Project @ Eagle Rock
    On Tuesday, April 25, 2023, Student Support Programs in partnership with Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High School’s student-led Women's Charity and Support Club held a joint effort to call attention to human trafficking. Nearly 200 students participated in this interactive art exhibition where red sand was poured into the concrete cracks across campus to symbolize how survivors of human trafficking often fall through the cracks of society.

    "We want every member of the community to be aware of risk factors for human trafficking and know how to connect potential victims with assistance,” said Student Support Programs Administrative Coordinator, Erin Campbell.”

    Student Support Programs hopes to partner with more Student Health and Human Services professionals to bring this special project to their schools. Contact SSP CSEC/Human Trafficking Lead, Dr. Linet Danoukh with questions and how to launch the Red Sand Project at your school site. 

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