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    In 1903, a new Compulsory Education Act had been enacted, leading to a new LAUSD position in 1913 of Assistant Superintendent of Compulsory Education. After having gone through various name changes throughout the years, the branch was renamed to Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) in 1990. Despite the transformations throughout the years, the goal for PSA has been for students to be enrolled and attending.  

    PSA and Student Support Programs (SSP) staff are child welfare and attendance experts who work with students, parents, school staff, and communities to increase student attendance and engagement toward better academic outcomes for all students. 

    Program Services
    Pupil Services & Attendance brochure Schools that purchase PSA Counselors are funded directly by schools to provide comprehensive child welfare and attendance support, including tiered absence prevention and intervention, as well as dropout prevention and recovery services. These services include: 

    • Interpret laws and policies pertaining to education 
    • Support with enrollment, attendance, and pupil records 
    • Track attendance data and trends
    • Teach and reinforce clear, positive expectations for student attendance 
    • Implement a tiered attendance prevention and intervention system of support 
    • Serve as liaisons between the school and home 
    • Support students and families who face barriers to educational success 
    • Identify and provide appropriate resources and community referrals 
    • Define data-driven attendance improvement goals and objectives 
    • Provide direct individual, group and family counseling
    • Collaborate with school officials and community agencies
    • Serve on, or coordinate Student Support and Progress Teams (SSPT)
    • Empower families and students by helping them understand and access appropriate public and private health and social services 
    • Support schools in developing their Attendance and Dropout Prevention Plan

    PSA Counselors hold a Master’s degree or higher in Social Work or School Counseling, with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential authorizing Child Welfare and Attendance services.


    Region Contacts

    Region East

    Grace Ortiz

    (323) 224-5902

    Region North

    Lorena Vasquez
    (818) 686-4444

    Region South

    Rudy Gomez
    (310) 892-7916

    Region West

    Necko Ginyard-Taylor
    (310) 235-3766


    Interested in purchasing a PSA?
    All schools have the option of purchasing a PSA Counselor as Support Services Personnel. 
    To purchase PSA Counselor time, please complete and submit the Itinerant PSA Counselor letter found below.

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    Pupil Services and Attendance Field Coordinator
    PSA Field Coordinators monitor and enforce the performance and accountability of school-based Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) Counselors. Each Coordinator is also responsible for supervising the creation and maintenance of the Resource Panel and School Attendance Review Board (SARB) panel as well as the supervision of the assigned SARB Chair. 

    Field Coordinators also strategize and consult with Regions, School Administrators, and staff on policies, procedures, and best practices.  

    Region Pupil Services
    Region Pupil Services Counselors provide support to Region Field Coordinators. They assist with training, guidance, and assistance to school-based staff, and other Region units and personnel.



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