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    Our mission is to ensure that all LAUSD students are enrolled, attending, engaged, & on track to graduate. 
    Our department utilizes a data-driven approach to attendance, to identify where prevention and early intervention are needed. We utilize a three-tiered model (prevention, early intervention, and intensive intervention) to improve individual and system-wide student attendance, engagement, achievement and graduation. 
    Our counselors are child welfare and attendance advocates who work directly with students who experience difficulties in achieving their academic potential due to social/emotional, home and community barriers. PSA Counselors support students' academic, social-emotional, and career development by improving student attendance.
    Attendance is a strong predictor of how well you do in school beginning from Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade; this is strongly related to whether you graduate on-time; it greatly impacts what your school can get, including teachers, supplies, technology, and student assistance.


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