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    Progress Monitoring in TRC
    You administed the Benchmark TRC assessments and now would like to administer TRC Progress Monitoring to see how your students are doing?  But you don't have any books? Or do you? There is an "add a book" feature that allows you to add books from your personal library.  
    DIBELS, Lexile, Fountas and Pinnell
    How do I use my DIBELS data to find my students' approximate Fountas and Pinnell level? Click for job aide. Box #1 hyperlinks to mclasshome. Box #6 hyperlinks to a bigger version of the chart. 
    You now have an option to complete DAZE online or paper/pencil. If you would like to do it online and need support, click for the tutorial PDF.  DAZE support  There is also a video if you log in and click SUPPORT- DIBELS NEXT ONLINE SUPPORT- ASSESSMENT AND SCORING- DAZE- VIDEO. 
    Having trouble logging into your MCLASS account? Use your LAUSD single sign in. 
    To access the platform to test your students, go to
    To access the platform to view your data, go to
    Need more support? Click on step by step flyer HERE.
    Did you give the wrong assessment to your student? Do you need support on how to invalidate the data you just recorded? Click on the link for the step by step how to.  If the link requires you to log in, go to mCLASS Home, click Support (upper right hand corner), mCLASS DIBELS Next Help Online, type invalidate assessment in search bar  Link Here:
    Creating Groups for Progress Monitoring
    Are you doing literacy academies? Do you need to access the rosters of your colleagues? The ELLP designee can create groups so that you may log in, select academy group and PM your students whenever you'd like!
    95% Group Diagnostic Assessment: PASI
    Our district has purchased online access for every single school to the 95% Group's diagnostic assessment.  Both DIBELS and the PASI supports our district-wide and state goal of ensuring that ALL students have a strong foundation of their phonological awareness and phonics skills.   A great analogy shared by the 95% Group about identifying at risk kids is- "DIBELS tells you the house is on fire and the PASI tells you where the fire is."  Each school gets their own specific access code where every single teacher can log in, download, and print the assessments. If you would like to get the code for your school, please email Tiffany Khauo and make sure the name of your school is in the subject or body of your email. 
    Mclass Login Issues
    Your MCLASS login is your LAUSD SSO.  Try the options below and if it doesn't work, call Alison Pickering (213-241-2494) at the Division of Instruction. 
    1. Change LAUSD SSO password:

    If that doesn’t work…
    2. Clear your browser history:
    On iPad:  settings > general > safari > clear history/cookies 
    On Mac (Chrome browser): top left menu click “Chrome” > history > clear history
    On PC: (Chrome) top right of window is box made of lines > settings > history > clear
    Log in using your SSO password
    Help! How Do I Invalidate a Score?
    1. Log into the assessment side (
    2. Select a student
    3. Select Benchmark
    4. Select the score that needs to be invalidated
    5. You will be taken to a screen that has a menu of options on the left
    6. Select Review
    7. Select Probe Not Valid
    8. Confirm
    Why DIBEL?
    Dr. Roland Good, co-author of DIBELS, said, "DIBELS are not important. They are indicators of something important."  Not sure what that means? Click on Reading Acquisition to see image that best depicts the importance of the DIBELS measures and how it connects to the Foundational Skills Continuum.
    Here is the reference guide for the DIBELS/TRC requirements for 2016-2017.  
    1. All students in grades K-6 MUST take the DIBELS Next or TRC. If the student is not an EL or SWD, the teacher has the option of administering DIBELS or TRC for literacy measures 3 times a year. Not giving an assessment is not an option unless the Principal has submitted a waiver to the Director indicating that another assessment will be given in place of the district assessments. The superintendent has to approve said request. 
    2. EL's and SWDs must take DIBELS because the data is used for reclassification purposes. 

    TRC Benchmark GOALS

    The chart list the benchmark goals by grade level according to the BOY, MOY, and EOY.  It also notes the LEXILE equivalent and the Hasbrouck and Tindal fluency goals.  Note that these goals are slightly higher than the DIBELS goals. 
    Click above to login to give the DIBELS or TRC assessments.  The url is Teachers have access to both platforms.  Remember to sync your data.   If you are having trouble logging in, please try two things first before reaching out.
    1. Type in lausd:: before your single sign on.
    2. If you have recently changed your SSO password, clear all your history, cache, cookies and then try logging  in.   Sometimes your laptop or tablet remembers your old password and will refuse your new password, even if it's correct. 



    Want to see your class or school data? The url is Click above and log in. Selecting REPORTING and BUILD YOUR REPORT.  Don't forget to put in lausd:: prior to your single sign on. 
    Have you moved to a new school? Are you an out of classroom leader and need access to the entire school's roster and/or data? Login to the link above and fill out the request for access.  Please notify your Principal that you are making this request. He/She will be receiving an authorization email. Once they click okay, your admin access will be granted.   
    If that doesn't work, please email Chris or Alison. or
    How can I get more TRC boxes?
    The district will not be sending additional TRC boxes. If you would like to order additional boxes, find the information on this TRC order flyer.
    Need a refresher on how to administer the DIBELS or TRC assessments?  Click on the link above and then click on RESOURCES on the left. Once in the resource tab, you will find videos and other tutorial support.