• Reading and Literacy Added Authorization



    The accredited Reading and Literacy Added Authorization (RLAA) program prepares credentialed Candidates with coursework based on the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) standards. 

    RLAA Candidates will learn to:

    • recognize characteristics of students with reading disabilities
    • understand the nature of dyslexia and other reading disabilities and
    • assess, instruct, and provide intervention including research-based proven effective reading instruction in structured literacy, oral language development, word analysis, fluency, vocabulary development, listening and reading comprehension, and written language development.

    RLAA Candidates will learn skills necessary to:

    use assessment data from screenings, diagnostic surveys, progress monitoring, and descriptive data

    design curriculum and make instructional decisions regarding entry point, pace, intensity, student grouping, and methods for literacy instruction for diverse groups of students.

    In addition, RLAA Candidates will participate in a clinical practicum field experience documenting work in a selected educational environment documenting their work in an educational environment that provides the RLAA Candidates an opportunity to deliver structured, balanced, comprehensive and reflective reading and language arts instruction with guidance from a specialized field-based Lead Mentor. Candidates will assess, design, implement and evaluate the findings of a reading intervention program delivered to a group of select students. Candidates will report findings and make recommendations for future work within their respective school’s culture of literacy.


    To be considered for the program:

    Interested candidates must complete the survey link for an online information session. Survey Link

    Candidates MUST have access to a supervised practicum experience to provide direct intervention to students (K-12). 

    Submit all the following items in one email as three separate PDF attachments to icaap@lausd.net and cc your principal

    • Principal Endorsement Form - CLICK HERE
    • Letter of Intent addressed to iCAAP Team, Indicating why you are applying to this program.  
    • Current Resume


    If you know anyone interested in the program, please share the flyers below. 


    RLAA - Overview

    RLAA Flyer


    RLAA Calendar(s)

    RLAA Cohort 7, 2022

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