• Resilience Daily Campaign

  • Message of the Day

    Fun Friday 

    Read a good book.

    Add a short story or novel to your reading list. Reading fiction boosts creativity and offers us a great opportunity to recharge.

    Fun Friday 

    Make time for tasks that matter by dropping the least important items on your to-do list.

    When you give yourself permission to cut loose the things you dont really care about you'll have more time and energy left for what you really value.

    Fun Friday 

    Take your dance party to the next level.

    Challenge your favorite people to a dance-off! Include judges and prizes :).

    Fun Friday 

    Host a dance party for one or more of your favorite people on any platform.

    Not only will this provide a fun end to your week but it is also a great opportunity to introduce some excercise into your day.

    Fun Friday 

    Treat yourself to some time for relaxation.

    You deserve to celebrate your hard work, and use it to do something that brings you joy.

    Fun Friday 

    When you come across something that makes you laugh, share it.

    Spreading humor and joy is a great way to transcend the challenges of this moment.

    Fun Friday 

    At the end of each day, acknowledge one thing that you accomplished.

    Focusing on your wins, no matter how small, will pave the path toward a growth mindset.

    Fun Friday

    Indulge in 2-3 things today that are guaranteed to put you in the "green zone."

    Treating yourself to a favorite treat or activity is a great way to unwind celebrate what you accomplished this week.

    Fun Friday 

    Choose a calming activity before bed.

    A warm bath with Epsom salt, a darkened room, chamomile tea, meditation, and avoiding television or caffeine can all support quality R&R.

    Fun Friday 

    Reach out to a fellow teacher once a day.

    Even a quick hello will let your colleagues know you’re thinking of them, which helps them feel valued.

    Fun Friday

    Think of a person, place, or thing that makes you feel your best.

    It can be a positive memory, your favorite place, your pet, your faith, or something that makes you smile.

    Friday - Daily Activity Introduction

    Fun Friday is the opportunity to learn more about our students while building community and developing and strengthening relationships.  Be creative and have fun!  

    Grounding Activity
    Practicing mindfulness helps to ground us and put us in a place of well-being. Use these two breathing practices this week! 
      •  Box Breathing

      •  Breathe Bubble

    Community Building & Wellbeing Activities

      •  You completed the first week of school!

      •  Now, have some fun. Go for a drive, sleep in, garden, exercise. What will you do for fun?


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