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    Gratitude Tuesday

    When you're feeling stressed, remind yourself why you became a teacher in the first place.

    Remembering what motivated you to join this field can help you move through challenging moments with more resilience.

    Gratitude Tuesday

    Perform one small act of kindness for someone each day.

    From holding the door for a stranger to lending a hand to a colleague, these micromoments of giving will make others feel valued and fill you with a sense of purpose.

    Gratitude Tuesday

    Find a quote that helps you express gratitude.

    Keeping that quote top of mind - or placing it where you can see it - will help you feel grateful and experience the associated benefits.

    Gratitude Tuesday

    Reach out to someone you cherish and let them know you care about them.

    This will fill their "emotional bucket," and will, in turn, make you feel good too. Appreciation is relationship glue.

    Gratitude Tuesday 

    Take a moment every week to compliment a coworker on a job well done.

    It's one of the best ways to show gratitude, which not only helps strengthen relationships, but helps us cope better with stress and boosts resilience, too.

    Gratitude Tuesday

    Write down a list of what you're grateful for before bed.

    This will lower stress levels, take your mind off the news, and give you a greater sense of calm at night.

    Gratitude Tuesday

    Once a day, take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for.

    In times of challenge or uncertainty, our brain defaults to focusing on our failures. Gratitude helps us both manage stress and give ourselves the credit we deserve.

    Gratitude Tuesday 

    Reflect on your "emotional temperature" on the "feelings thermometer" right now.

    This simple practice helps regulate your nervous system and offers you an opportunity to pause and connect with yourself throughout the day.

    Gratitude Tuesday

    Plan one check-in with someone you've been meaning to catch up with.

    It can be a socially distanced meet-up or a virtual coffee date, but it's more important than ever to connect with others. Not only does connecting raise our spirits, it also supports immune functioning and helps us manage anxiety.

    Gratitude Tuesday

    When washing your hands, think of 3 things you're grateful for.

    Taking the 20 seconds to practice gratitude lowers your risk of infection and boosts positivity.

    Gratitude Tuesday

    Stay in contact with family and friends.

    However busy you may be, find time to check in with someone who matters to you. Even a quick text can give you a sense of connection and support. Ask them how they are doing and don’t hesitate to tell them how you are doing and feeling.

    Tuesday - Daily Activity Introduction

    Gratitude is one of the many positive emotions. It’s about focusing on what’s good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have. Gratitude is pausing to notice and appreciate the things we often take for granted, like having a place to live, food, clean water, friends, family, and even computer access.

    Grounding Activity
    Practicing mindfulness helps to ground us and put us in a place of well-being. Use these two breathing practices this week! 
      •  Box Breathing

      •  Breathe Bubble

    Community Building & Wellbeing Activities

      •  Have you connected with a colleague today?

      •  Reach out to two colleagues and let them know why you appreciate them. Be creative. This can be email, text, phone, etc.


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