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  • Integrating Supports for Students’ Success

    The Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and Restorative Practices (PBIS/RP) department, leverages a trauma-resilience informed approach through a multi-tiered system of supports framework to cultivate safe, healthy, welcoming, and affirming learning environments that establish a culture of learning and positive behavior. By focusing on social emotional wellbeing and community building to promote equity, PBIS/RP collaborates with Local Districts, Community of Schools, school teams, families and community partners to address the needs of the whole child, whole school, and whole community.


    What is PBIS/RP?

     Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)  Restorative Practices (RP)
    Proactive, evidence-based approaches to discipline that promote equity and accountability
    • Utilizes a 3-tiered framework to support ALL students’ success
    • Emphasizes prevention through systems change
    • Integrates and enhances data, systems and practices 
    • Promotes reflective thinking and collaborative problem solving
    • Emphasizes community building and repairing harm
    • Fosters resilience through authentic, positive relationships

     4 Unifying Features of PBIS/RP

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