• Resilience Daily Campaign

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    Thoughtful Thursday 

    If you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern or feeling particularly stressed, turn your focus to the rising and falling of your breath. 

    Even a few seconds of conscious breathing will help you reduce stress and increase calm and focus.

    Thoughtful Thursday 

    Identify your stress triggers. 

    Focus on adopting any small steps that will help you alleviate your stress. Practicing stress management tools, such as meditation, positive affirmations, being in nature, and reaching out to your community during this time have all been shown to decrease negative stress reactions.

    Thoughtful Thursday 

    Think about the impact your work has on your students and your community. 

    Pause for just a moment will give you a deeper sense of meaning and help you stay motivated.

    Thoughtful Thursday 

    Schedule a regular check-in with your parent or relative. 

    Even a quick call or text will help them feel more connected in an isolating time.

    Thoughtful Thursday 

    Next time you reflect on a failure, ask what, not why. 

    Instead of asking "Why didn't I succeed?", which is unproductive and can lead you to see yourself as a victim, ask what changes you can make or what skills you can develop to succeed next time.

    Thoughtful Thursday

    Each day, spend time on someone else, even if you're busy. 

    Helping, listening, or simply being present for someone else can benefit both you and whoever you're helping. Research shows that when we spend time on other, our sense of our own time actually expands.

    Thoughtful Thursday

    When you feel overwhelmed by a problem you face, identify the smallest possible step you can take to address it. 

    As you face complex challenges, practice breaking them down into small, manageable steps by asking yourself, "What's the smallest step forward I can take in this moment?" This increases your sense of control and self-efficacy.

    Thoughtful Thursday

    When you're stressed, think of a specific time when you overcame an obstacle.

    When you remember that you've made it through challenges before, you'll feel more resilient.

    Thoughtful Thursday 

    If a colleague is struggling, take a moment to support them.

    Research shows that when we spend time helping or even simply being present for others, our sense of our own time actually expands.

    Thoughtful Thursday 

    Try something you've never done before.

    When you break out of your comfort zone in small ways, you’ll build up your capacity to manage the busier, more anxiety-inducing moments in life.

    Thoughtful Thursday 

    Right now, send a message to a neighbor or friend and ask how you can help them.

    This can put our stressors into perspective, and gives us a “helper’s high."

    Thursday - Daily Activity Introduction

    Doing something for others is powerful for your wellbeing. In fact, when we give to others, our brain’s pleasure and reward centers light up as if we were the receiver and not the giver! We also get a boost of feel-good endorphins and a hormone called oxytocin is released, which lowers our stress!

    Grounding Activity
    Practicing mindfulness helps to ground us and put us in a place of well-being. Use these two breathing practices this week! 
      •  Box Breathing

      •  Breathe Bubble

    Community Building & Wellbeing Activities

      •  When you think of being thankful, what pops in your head?

      •  Who are you thankful for professionally and personally? Let them know.


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