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    Wellness Wednesday 

    Today, identify a grudge you've been holding on to and let it go as a gift to yourself.

    Research shows that forgiving others can reduce our anxiety and stress and improve overall well-being.

    Wellness Wednesday 

    Allow yourself to do one thing at a time.

    Multitasking has a negative impact on efficiency and concentration. Set clear and consistent boundaries to improve your focus and be at your best for yourself and others.

    Wellness Wednesday

    Prioritize your sleep each night.

    Our sleep patterns can change during times of stress or crisis. Honoring our need for sleep helps us think more clearly, improves our mood, and gives our bodies the opportunity to recover and renew.

    Wellness Wednesday

    Take a few minutes to go outside each day.

    Even a short walk outdoors will help you recharge. Outdoor light is crucial for resetting our internal circadian clocks. Vitamin D from sun exposure is also necessary for our body.

    Wellness Wednesday

    Choose one calming habit to role model each day for your students.

    Children often take their emotional cues from adults. Spend just a few minutes on an activity that brings you calm - it might be meditation, breathing, stretching, or something else - for your own benefit, and theirs.

    Wellness Wednesday

    Paying attention to the sensations that your body experiences in each zone (green, yellow, orange, or red) of the "feelings thermometer".

    Simple reflection will help you become more aware of how your body reacts in each zone.

    Wellness Wednesday

    Write or draw about how you are feeling today.

    It's okay to notice and accept our feelings (without judgment) and trust that they will pass. Talking, journaling, or expressing our feelings help us process them and builds resilience.

    Wellness Wednesday 

    Take a short break at least once a day.

    Step away from your computer, even for just a few minutes, and do something that energizes you.  You'll return with renewed focus and purpose.

    Wellness Wednesday 

    Turn a sit-down meeting into a virtual walking meeting.

    The movement will get the creative juices flowing, and will allow you to sneak some light exercise into an already-busy day.

    Wednesday - Daily Activity Introduction

    There are eight Dimensions of Wellness: emotional, physical, social, occupational,  spiritual, environmental, financial, and intellectual. Each dimension of wellness is interrelated and equally vital in the pursuit of optimum health. Understanding how to maintain and optimize each of the dimension can support an optimal level of overall wellness. 

    Grounding Activity
    Practicing mindfulness helps to ground us and put us in a place of well-being. Use these two breathing practices this week! 
      •  Box Breathing

      •  Breathe Bubble

    Community Building & Wellbeing Activities

      •  How will you practice emotional wellness?

      •  Pick a colleague whom you’ve built a rapport with to share your thoughts about when you are not at your best and talk about what you can do to
         bring you back to a state of well-being. Return the favor.


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