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    LAUSD high schools offer AP courses in over 34 subjects, including art, computer science, history/social sciences, mathematics, sciences, English language, English literature, and world languages.

    For schools to offer an authorized AP course, the teacher of the course must submit a syllabus for approval through AP Course Audit. If the course is approved, the school may use the AP designation and the course is publicly listed on the AP Ledger.
    Each District high school must designate an AP Coordinator who is responsible for organizing and administering the school’s AP program and AP exam administration.
    Boosting access to Advanced Placement courses for historically underrepresented students, i.e., Latino and African American, is a key component of the District's equity agenda for high schools. As such, high schools throughout the District are taking strategic steps, e.g., use of AP Potential data, and student/parent awareness activities to ensure that AP course enrollment (course and exam) reflects demographics of the school. Check with individual schools for program details.



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