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    LD West Theory of Action for Deep Math Instructional Change


    Instructional Change

    School Level:

    If schools systematically provide all teachers with new learning and implementation support with the Ambitious Math Teaching Components (Skillsets, Mindsets, and Toolsets) with an emphasis on adopting and implementing high-leverage math instructional activities, and also provide all teachers with new learning and implementation support with building a Collaborative Inquiry Cycle System in their grade levels then deep math instructional change for excellence and equity will occur school-wide and be sustained over the long term.

    Teacher Level:

    If teachers use high-leverage math instructional activities daily and regularly engage in collaborative inquiry cycles with their grade levels to continuously improve with these activities that will allow them as a team, to engage at a high level in effective and equity-based math teaching practices, which will lead to high academic achievement and productive math identities for all students.


  • 4.15.20 Dreambox Math, a TK-8/9 online math program Distance Learning Resource:
    If you are not using an online math program to support student learning and would like to, check out Dreambox Math.

    Register for Continuity of Learning Dreambox Math on MyPLN.

         * TK-2 Today, Tues, April 14 1:30-3:30 pm
         * 3-5   Wednesday, April 15 8:00-10:00 am
         * 6-9   Thursday, April 16 1:30-3:30 pm
         * TK-2 Friday, April 17 8:00-10:00 am

    For information about Dreambox Math click on the link below.


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  • 4.15.20: ST Math "Focused" Office Hours this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!  Please see the attachment for the ZOOM links and the focus for each day! https://lms.lausd.net/group/1150632122/update/2470516582





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  • 4.1.20: new knowledge-building lessons every day:  Here is the LINK: https://gm.greatminds.org/en-us/knowledgeonthego

    Great Minds teachers and teacher–writers know it’s important for students to build knowledge every day, even when schools are closed. That's why we are providing knowledge-building resources here—written materials for math (Grades K–12) and daily instructional videos for English language arts (Grades K–8), math (Grades K-12), and science (Grades 3–5). We will post new video lessons and update our content daily. Continue checking this page for more free resources as we refresh our content.

    Let’s keep inspiring greatness and building knowledge together during these uncertain times. Choose your grade level below to find materials and video lessons for your student(s).

    Have questions about Knowledge on the Go Lessons? We have answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and we're here to help.


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  • 4.1.20 Elementary Math Continuity of Learning at Home Resources for Teachers and Parents: As teachers and parent transition to the home learning here are some links with resources to support this effort. For Teachers and Parents please see the link to elementary math resources: http://bit.ly/LDWContinuityofLearningElementaryMath and Math at Home using the following links:




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  • 9.3.19 LD West Elementary Math Webpage Guide: The LD West Elementary Math Webpages have a wealth of resources to support mathematics teaching and learning at the school-site and home. From information about the LD West's Ambitious Math Teaching Framework to the popular Cognitively Guided Instruction webpage to information and resources about the Common Core Math Standards and the SBA Interim and Summative Assessments you will find all you need to support math teaching and learning at your school-site and in connection with the home with the parent engagement webpage. Some of the newer pages include the Math Content Knowledge page to support continuous learning about math content knowledge and the Sustaining the Work with Collaborative Inquiry Cycles, which supports schools with building systems for Collaborative Inquiry. You will find it all here. Download the guide below: 

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  • 12.10.19 MOST MISUNDERSTOOD MATH STANDARDS: Achieve the Core published a series of articles and created a webinar starting about a year ago on the most misunderstood math standards in Grade 1-8. What might they be? If you want to find out see this link for playlist of articles, video, and presentation from the Webinar: http://bit.ly/MostMisunderstoodMathStandards


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  • 8.26.19 New SBA Interim Assessments Overview: A new SBAC Interim Assessment Overview is available. New this year are Focused IABs that assess materials for a cluster of standards. Grade 3, 4 , and 5 have three new Focused IABs. Possible uses for the Focused IABs included as Pre and Post Assessments for a unit of study for those particular cluster/target of standards. Click on the LINK for more information.

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  • 7.29.19 Getting Started in Planning Units using the CGI Approach: Is your school thinking planning for the upcoming year with CGI in mind? If you are using the CGI approach in your classroom the the following resources can serve as supports for planning units at the cluster level: CGI Diagnostic Assessments are available to gather initial data about your students by grade level; the folder includes assessments, data analysis supports, and instructions for administrations. Using this data can inform unit planning throughout the year. CGI Unit Planning Templates provide tools for collaborative planning with grade levels beginning with the first unit of the year; this folder also contains supports to think about scope and sequence and where to focus while planning at the cluster level.

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  • 7.29.19 SBAC Math Preparation Strategies: As we head into a new school year before the SBAC Math Summative Assessment it is important to be strategic and focus on the priority standards through the use of high-leverage tasks (word problems and performance tasks) and high-leverage instructional activities (number sense routines and problem solving lessons). Here is a link to a 1.5 hr to 2 hr presentation and handouts. In the handouts folder the SBAC Math Prep Playlist PDF is a one stop shop for tasks and high leverage instructional activities which engage students with the Standards for Mathematical Practices in authentic ways and which support the NCTM Principles to Action Effective Math Teaching Practices. I’ve created a SBAC Math Prep PowerPoint with Handouts: Here is the link: http://bitly.com/SBACMathPrep

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  • 2.2019 Digital Textbook Content:  Instructions for each textbook publisher can be found here:  bit.ly/LMSDigitalContent

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  • 3.15.18 My Math RSP/Administrator/Out of Classroom Support Personnel Digital Content Access: RSP teachers, administrators, and out of classroom support personnel now have access to all teacher and student materials for multiple grades using master codes. Please click on this LINK to go through the process of certifying that you are in fact in one of the above roles and gaininc access to the master codes. IMPORTANT: This process also requires that you certify that you will not share these master codes with any individual inside or outside of LAUSD.

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  • 2.3.16 CCSS Math Parent Brochures The California Department of Education has posted new parent brochures to help teachers explain the CCSS to parents and community members. The brochures can be downloaded here: Grades K–23–56–89–12

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