Local District West


    Local District West will build mathematics instructional leadership capacity together with school leaders, instructional coaches, and teachers and will also build professional learning networks within and across schools so that:

    1) All teachers can individually and collectively develop mathematical mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets in order to provide Ambitious Mathematics Teaching for all students 


    2) All students can individually and collectively learn rigorous, relevant mathematics and develop strong mathematical identities and agency before they enter middle school.



    Local District West will be made up of learning and innovative school-wide and increasingly district-wide mathematics network improvement communities connected by the shared responsibility of providing equitable math learning outcomes for All students. Local District West will be lead by math teacher leaders with a deep understanding of children's mathematical development and the California Mathematics Standards, who effectively plan and implement rigorous, relevant mathematics lessons and units that are purposely embedded with formative assessment and when appropriate, technology. All teachers will demonstrate Ambitious Mathematics Teaching by enacting Effective and Equity-Based Mathematics Teaching Practices contained within high-leverage math instructional activities and by engaging in regular collaborative inquiry cycles.


    • All students can learn rich, relevant, and rigorous mathematics
    • All teachers can provide Ambitious Mathematics Teaching in addressing excellence and equity in mathematics instruction
    • All school leaders can support their teachers with Ambitious Mathematics Teaching
    • Parents are equal partners in supporting Ambitious Mathematics Teaching for their children