• During the third round of PSC, Superintendent John Deasy announced his initial decisions for the PSC 3.0 and Watch schools. Unlike previous rounds of PSC, the Superintendent was granted the final decision-making authority, per the LAUSD- UTLA Local Initiative School Stabilization and Empowerment Initiative 2011.   Superintendent Deasy's decisions were shared with the Board of Education during the meeting on March 29, 2012.
    Click on the documents below to see the schools that participated in this round and the Superintendent's decisions.

    PSC 3.0 Schools and Decisions (Initial)
    PSC 3.0 Initial Next Steps for Schools

    Also new to PSC 3.0 was an opportunity for teams not initially approved to revise their plans and resubmit. Once rewrites were submitted, Superintendent Deasy announced his final decisions on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Below is the Superintendent's final decisions.

    PSC 3.0 Schools and Final Decisions

    In an effort to be more inclusive in evaluating this round of the PSC school plans, there were several different groups of reviewers which included
    the Superintendent's Panel, an Initial Panel, Classified and Certificated Employees Panel, as well as Parents and Community feedback. 

    PSC 3.0 Superintendent's Review Panel Feedback
    PSC 3.0 Initial Review Panel Feedback
    PSC 3.0 Classified and Certificated Feedback

    The proposal reviews in this round of PSC were comprised of stakeholders throughout the entire LAUSD school community.  Click on the links below to see the list of panel members.

    PSC 3.0 Superintendent's Panel
    PSC 3.0 Initial Panel

    Schools that applied to become Pilot Schools also received feedback from the Pilot Schools Steering Committee.  This committee, which is charged with reviewing and approving all requests to establish and/or modify an LAUSD Pilot School, comprises individuals from LAUSD, UTLA, AALA and the community. The Steering Committee reviewed and provided recommendations for the Pilot School proposals only.

    PSC 3.0 Pilot Steering Committee Feedback