• About the Review Process                                                                                      

    Each application submitted for Public School Choice is carefully and thoroughly evaluated by various groups of reviewers whose role is to provide their recommendations for approval/non-approval as well as supporting comments to the Superintendent.

    Members of the review groups volunteer or are otherwise recommended to participate by their organization. In forming the review groups, attention is paid to the diversity and breadth of experience with instruction and education reform, particularly within the context of Los Angeles or LAUSD.  Reviewers may include the following:

    • LAUSD teachers, administrators and staff
    • United Teachers Los Angeles representatives
    • Associated Administrators of Los Angeles representatives
    • Higher education faculty
    • Education researchers and consultants
    • Charter school and Network Partner teachers and administrators
    • Other non-LAUSD educators


    For further details about the reviewer recommendations and final decisions for each round, click on the links below:

    1.0 Decisions    |     2.0 Decisions     |     3.0 Decisions    |     4.0 Decisions