PSC History

  • The Public School Choice Resolution was adopted by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education on August 25, 2009 to provide new opportunities for families and communities within LAUSD to improve their local public schools. 
    The PSC Resolution was designed to improve school performance and increase student achievement through innovative, efficient, and rigorous school plans that increase student achievement at under- performing schools and newly built schools.
    LAUSD has had four rounds of schools that have participated in the Public School Choice process with round 4.0 being the last with implementation in the 2013-2014 school year. 
    Each round consisted of applicant teams developing a school plan, conducting parents, high school students, and community outreach, receiving feedback from the Superintendent’s review panel and an implementation phase. 

    Since the inception of the Public School Choice Resolution, the PSC process has continuously evolved.

    On May 24, 2011, the Board of Education voted to strengthen the parents, high school students, and community engagement process, by shifting from the Advisory Vote, to a capacity and skill building session series for Public School Choice school communities.  During the third round/year of Public School Choice (PSC 3.0), these sessions were known as Regional Academies and parents, students and community members were able to learn about and discuss the elements of a high quality school and provide written feedback to the Superintendent regarding the plans reviewed for their respective schools.

    In late August, 2011 the Board of Education voted to amend the Public School Choice (PSC) 3.0 application process for new schools that would result in in-district applicant teams (comprised of current or retired LAUSD employees) applying for new schools first, and if none of the in-district applicants have submitted a high quality plan, then outside applicants (charter operators and other non-profit groups) would be considered. A Memorandum of Understanding (Local School Stabilization and Empowerment Initiative of 2011) between the District and its labor partner, United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) was successfully negotiated and approved to change the PSC process. 


    You may click on the PSC cycle below to access the various rounds/years of PSC information. 

    PSC 1.0/1.5

    Year 1 (2010)

     PSC 2.0/2.5

    Year 2 (2011)

     PSC 3.0

    Year 3 (2012)

     PSC 4.0

    Year 4 (2013)