• How can we help you?

    Our goal is simple, to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Our Customer Service Team is trained to help you with your General Stores Distribution and procurement needs.

    If you have any questions regarding purchasing products, please go to LRP Interim Ordering Process for more information.

    • Stock Requisition (SR) transactions in SAP
    • Over-the-Counter (OC) transactions in SAP
    • P-Card orders from General Stores
    • Charter school orders
    • ASB (Associated Student Body) orders
    • Finding an item in the catalog
    • Status of stock availability
    • Status of orders and deliveries
    • Logging into the online catalog
    • Status of Non-stock Requisitions (RX)

    If you are unsure of anything related to the Materiel Management Branch, please contact the Procurement Customer Service Unit for assistance.

    Customer Service Unit
    Telephone: (562) 654-9009
    Fax: (562) 654-9019
    Email: cs.stores@lausd.net

    Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.