• The Surplus Property and Recycling Annex accepts used and obsolete furniture and equipment from schools and offices and determines the appropriate disposition (i.e., discard, sell at auction, recycle). Truck Operations provides services for the pick-up and transfer of salvage furniture and equipment to the Annex. Items that can be auctioned are auctioned through GovDeals.com.

    How to Request a Surplus Property (Salvage) Pick-Up
    Download the instructions and Transportation Order form below and e-mail (truckop@lausd.net) a completed form to Truck Operations.



    • One major surplus property (salvage) pick-up per school year
      Each school or office will be allowed one large surplus property pick-up (approximately 10 pallets of material) per school year. Additional large pick-up requests must be funded by the school or the office.
      • Small pick-up requests
        Each school or office may have 10 small item requests for surplus property pick-up annually. Items must be small, able to be loaded by one person, and limited to less than one pallet-sized load. Items should be placed at a ground-level location that is accessible by truck. Requests will be scheduled and accommodated on existing District trucks that deliver supplies and other items to schools and offices. On average, a surplus property pick-up request will be completed by Truck Operations within three weeks of the original date submitted.
      • Items Truck Operations will not pick up
    Pianos, fluorescent light bulbs, paint, tires, toner (used), and other hazardous materials. Contact the Office of Environmental Health and Services at (213) 241-3955 regarding hazardous materials.


    Contact Us:

    Truck Operations Section
    Telephone (562) 654-9000
    E-mail truckop@lausd.net

    Surplus Property & Recycling Annex
    1431 San Julian Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
    Telephone (213) 745-5910
    Appointment only
    Please call to schedule a visit.