• Serving Schools, Serving Students


    The Materiel Management Branch provides quality products and services to support the learning environment. Our distribution centers provide supplies, equipment, furniture and food items to all schools and offices. We also sort and process school mail and outgoing U.S. Mail, and provide printing services through Reprographic Services.
    • General Stores Distribution stocks over 2,700 educational tools, office supplies, furniture, equipment, and specialty items that support a variety of instructional programs. Because of the District's volume purchasing power, General Stores provides schools and offices with quality products at the most competitive prices available. Over 41,000 orders were processed in 2011-12, worth over $50 million. By purchasing from General Stores and not an outside vendor, schools and offices saved $8.1 million.


    Food Distribution Section
    • Food Distribution stocks over 400 frozen/refrigerated food items and staple and grocery items for the Food Services Division. Over 79,000 orders were processed in 2011-12, worth over $87 million.


    • The Surplus Property & Recycling Annex processes obsolete furniture and equipment from schools and offices. These salvage items are sold to the public via online auctions, recycled, sold as scrap metal, or discarded. In 2011-12, over 900 salvage deliveries were received and 685 "lots" of salvage were sold through 15 online auctions. Additionally, 1.2 million tons of obsolete electronic equipment was recycled as E-waste, an eco-friendly process that helps the District stay environmentally friendly.


    • Truck Operations maintains a fleet of over 200 vehicles to support schools and offices through the daily distribution of supplies, equipment, and furniture from General Stores; frozen/refrigerated food, groceries, and staple items from Foods Distribution; pre-plated meals from the Newman Nutrition Center; and school mail from the Mail Unit. Truck Operations also provides pick up of salvage furniture and equipment for delivery to the Surplus Property & Recycling.


    • Over 15 million pieces of Interoffice and U.S. Mail are processed through the Mail Unit annually. Interoffice mail is sorted and placed in mail bags for next day delivery. U.S. Mail is pre-sorted, bar-coded, and sent to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery. Postage for First Class and Non-profit Permit Mail are paid through a central postage account administered by the Mail Unit. All mail is picked up and delivered daily by Truck Operations.


    School Support Services Unit
    • The School Support team forecasts, monitors, and replenishes inventory levels in General Stores; processes food and food-related orders for school cafeterias; and develops and maintains the General Stores Online Catalog and Supplies and Equipment Catalog.


    • The Customer Service Unit assists schools and office with all procurement-related matters. Over 16,000 calls were answered in 2011-12, relating to General Stores orders and non-stock requisitions.


    • Repro offers a complete line of printing and copying services to meet your needs, from basic color and black and white copies, letterhead, envelopes, and forms, to business cards, brochures, bound books, mailing and graphic design services. Repro's expertise and network of resources has helped offices save thousands on major projects. In 2011-12, Repro fulfilled over 1,900 requests valued at $4.0 million.