Business & Government Legal Services Team

  • We provide advice, counsel and representation on various issues including, but not limited to:

    • The Brown Act and Conflicts of Interest
    • Contract drafting, negotiation, review, and dispute resolution
    • Procurement practices, including public bidding laws
    • Contract and Tort Claims
    • Insurance and Indemnification requirements
    • School Finance
    • Internet Security
    • Copyright and other Intellectual Property matters
    • Document Retention
    • Public Records Act requests

    We also provide direct support to schools regarding business and risk management matters.

Mission Statement


    Our team of legal and support professionals is fully committed to providing outstanding and timely legal advice and representation regarding the full range of legal issues and disputes that confront our clients who are responsible for the efficient operation and governance of our schools. We help our clients navigate legal issues in such a way that the District’s human and financial resources can be focused to the greatest extent possible on the support the District’s core mission of educating all students to their maximum potential.


  • Our clients include:

    • Business Services Division
    • Board of Education
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Information Technology Division (ITD)
    • Office of the Chief Financial Officer
    • Office of Government Relations
    • Risk Management and Insurance Services
    • School Police Department