Welcome to the Los Angeles Unified School District's Ethics Office website!  You can find an abundance of information here on the ways that LAUSD works to ensure public accountability and transparency in our dealings.


    As our district works to meet our goals of high academic achievement and success for all students, we know that it is vital to build the trust of our stakeholders and our greater public by providing the necessary information to enable informed, engaged and responsible decision-making at all levels.  Moreover, we believe that accountability requires that all our employees and partners understand and work within the legal rules and ethical responsibilities which govern us as one of the largest school districts in the country.


    Our Vision

    We want LAUSD to be a trusted organization, one which engenders employees and the public alike to work in partnership to give their utmost in support of student achievement and success.


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to improve LAUSD performance by fostering high ethical standards and supporting our employees and leadership with the policies, processes, tools and advice necessary to exemplify conduct that strengthens public trust and confidence in the integrity of our work.


    Our Values

    Model Conduct - We commit to representing the guiding principles of excellence, integrity and responsibility in all that we do, so that we can be a credible force in advocating and supporting high ethical standards for our District.

    Strategic Approach - We care about being thoughtful with our choices and our work priorities.  We will leverage best practices and learning from other organizations with leading ethics programs, make corrections that demonstrate agility and resourcefulness, and keep ourselves aligned with other District initiatives.

    Outside-In Focus - We believe that we provide the greatest value to our District when we look at programs and initiatives through the eyes of those that we serve or impact.  Taking an "outside-in" perspective drives us to make our work relevant, accessible, sensitive in content and tone. 

    Innovation - We commit to using fresh eyes to think anew about challenges and opportunities that confront our District.  In the face of limitations, we will seek alternatives that meet our challenges in new ways.  We will also draw on technology to help us evolve and improve in a manner that best utilizes our District's resources.

    Collaboration - We value working together, through alliances, to achieve greater progress.  We believe in creating dialogue with partners-engaging as many voices as we can to achieve increased success and improved values.


    LAUSD Ethics Office

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