• Compliance ensures that students have the necessary tools to succeed.


    Ethics and Compliance Monitoring (ECM)         

    Legal Services Team

    The Ethics and Compliance Monitoring (ECM) Legal Services team was established on July 1, 2019 and is administered by Deneen Evans Cox, Deputy General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel.  


     Core Value


    ECM values the District’s achievement of measurable and meaningful outcomes for students through performance and compliance and fosters the maxim that Compliance ensures that students have the necessary tools to succeed.


    ECM’s mission is to:


    • Support the District’s efforts to improve student outcomes and ensure rights;
    • Monitor that District programs and services are operated in a manner that promotes equity, program accessibility, and a free appropriate public education, and
    • Oversee the District’s implementation of the IDEA, ADA, Section 504, Title VI, Title IX, and other student civil rights laws.



    The LAUSD school community is resolute in the provision of equity, program accessibility, and a free appropriate public education as a means for improving student outcomes.


    Recent Areas of Focus:


    Since its inception on July 1, 2019, ECM work has focused on the following:


    • Modified Consent Decree termination and conclusion;
    • Stabilization and maintenance of the District’s continuous compliant implementation of state and federal special education legal requirements (IDEA and ADA) and student civil rights legal requirements;
    • CDE’s findings of LAUSD on the Annual Performance Report (APR);
    • Monitoring of two Office for Civil Rights (OCR) agreements originating from 2011: (1) the English Learner and (2) the Resource Comparability Voluntary Agreements to Resolve;
    • Implementation of the District’s ADA Title II Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan
      • Rapid Access Program
      • Barrier Removal Program
      • Assessing web accessibility and ADA compliance of all the District’s schools webpage/site
    • Update to Title IX, and;
    • Management and response to the COVID-19 crisis
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    Deneen E. Cox

    Deputy General Counsel


    P: (213) 241-7600

    F: (213) 375-3159