Certificated Retirement Information



  • General Information - Most certificated employees contribute to the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS). Retirement information is available from CalSTRS at www.calstrs.com.  

    You can download the resignation forms by visiting the HR Forms Library.

    Completed forms should be submitted via email within 48 hours to the appropraite Human Resources (HR) Department: 

    Teachers or Support Personnel: HRAssignments@lausd.net

    Substitute Teachers: SubDesk@lausd.net

    Administrators/Management Personnel: AdminAssignments@lausd.net

    Early Childhood Education Personnel: EarlyChildhood@lausd.net

    Adult Education Teachers and Support Personnel: AdultandCareerEd@lausd.net


    District-Hosted Group Pre-Retirement Workshops - Pre-retirement workshops are conducted at different LAUSD school locations throughout the school year. These workshops are presented by CalSTRS benefit counselors. Employees are encouraged to attend at least one pre-retirement workshop at some time in their career. This is especially important for those employees anticipating retirement in the next 2-3 years and those approaching their 55th birthday. Schedules for pre-retirement seminars are publicized each fall.

    Presentations by CalSTRS benefits counselors include an explanation of how the retirement allowance is calculated, beneficiary options, filing information, and updates on legislation. Information regarding the CalSTRS Pre-Retirement Workshop schedule is coming soon!

    Individual Counseling Sessions - Individual counseling sessions (including printed estimates of monthly allowance) are strongly recommended and available by appointment at six locations throughout the county.

    Individual counseling appointments are particularly important for members who are:

    • Nearing retirement
    • Considering the designation or change to a pre-retirement option starting at age 55 and older
    • Interested in the implications of proposed or newly enacted legislation
    • Contemplating a redeposit of previously withdrawn funds
    • Being diagnosed with a medical condition anticipated to last for at least 12 continuous months may qualify an eligible employee to apply for CalSTRS disability benefits.

    Appointments may be requested by telephoning the CalSTRS office at (800) 228-5453 or visiting their website: www.calstrs.com.

    Reemployment After Retirement

    There is no guarantee of future reemployment with the District in any capacity after retirement. Reemployment is contingent on the district's staffing needs at the time of application, and the candidate must meet District selection standards in effect at that time.

    Certificated persons who are receiving a retirement allowance from the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) may be employed as substitute teachers or accept other part-time certificated or unclassified employment with the District under the conditions outlined in Human Resources Personnel Policy Guide E15.

    The maximum a CalSTRS retiree may earn as an employee in a certificated position will vary each school year. For earning limit information, refer to Personnel Policy Guide E15.  Retirees who earn more than the maximum amount will have their retirement allowance reduced dollar-for-dollar in the amount of such excess. Salary earned in one school year, but received in the following school year, is included in the limit for the school year in which it was earned. Currently there are no exemptions to retiree earnings. All post-retirement earnings limit exemptions ended July 1, 2012.

    Members can reinstate and re-retire without waiting 12 months.


    If you are planning to work for LAUSD after retirement, you will be required to obtain a new fingerprint clearance.  


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