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    The Office of Environmental Health and Safety has developed and implemented a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) to minimize employee and student exposure to hazardous chemicals in schools with laboratories. A qualified Chemical Safety Coordinator (CSC) is appointed at each location with a chemical laboratory to implement the CHP. Duties of the CSC include training employees on chemical safety, ensuring that safe laboratory procedures are adhered to, maintaining reference materials including Material Safety Data Sheets, inspecting, and maintaining safe chemical storage rooms, completing chemical inventories, and providing oversight for packaging and removal of hazardous waste.

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    Chemical Safety Coordinators (CSCs) are required to attend two meetings each fiscal year and complete all required duties outlined in REF-1563.5. Our office is currently working on updating the reference guide and will be replaced by Reference Guide 1563.6 in the near future.


    Spring 2024 CSC Mandatory Training

    The 2023-2024 Spring CSC Training is currently live on  MyPLNAppointed CSC’s have been automatically enrolled in the mandatory Spring 2024 CSC training meeting. The Spring 2024 CSC Training meeting deadline is April 28, 2024. Once you complete the training please submit your certificate to csc@lausd.net.


    The CSC live Q&A session will be held on Thursday April 25, 2024, at 3:30 p.m. CSC’s will be sent the virtual meeting link so they may join.



    If you are required to appoint a CSC and you have not done so, please complete the Chemical Safety Coordinator Appointment Form and send it via email as soon as possible to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) at csc@lausd.net


    Please contact OEHS at (213) 241-3199 or by email csc@lausd.net for more information.

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  • To assist science teachers, administrators, and other school staff members understand and avoid situations in which accidents might occur, the State of California has prepared the Science Safety Handbook for California Public Schools (*.pdf) CSCs are encouraged to download and review the handbook.

    Only chemicals approved by the State of California and OEHS may be used in LAUSD school laboratories. These chemicals are designated as LAUSD Approved Laboratory Chemicals. Visitors may view all LAUSD Approved Laboratory Chemicals by clicking View Approved Laboratory Chemicals.


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