Facilities Services Division


  • Facilities Contracts

    The Facilities Services Division advertises projects for the following services:


    The following information is applicable to all bids:

    • The Owner Authorized Representative (OAR) may elect a Mandatory (pursuant to Section 00320) or Not Mandatory (pursuant to Section 00325) Pre-bid Meeting in the project specification in order to submit a bid.
    • All bids must be received prior to the date/time indicated in the Specifications by the Facilities Construction Contracts (FCC) office.
    • FCC will open and publicly read all bids at the time and date specified.
    • District reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities.
    • Bidders are required to comply with the prevailing wage requirements on all District projects.
    • Proposition BB and/or Measure K funded projects require that Bidders adhere to and abide by the
      Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA).
    • Bidder must be pre-qualified and have a current and valid Contractors State License in order to bid on District projects.
  • Facilities Construction Contracts