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    Facilities Project Execution (PEX) is responsible for the construction of new schools and repair and modernization of existing schools as part of a multi-year bond funded capital improvement program. Project Execution is dedicated to ensuring that existing campuses are modernized and repaired in support of the education and safety of our students utilizing cost-efficient and sustainable materials.

    Brief History of Facilities Project Execution Branch

    PEX was formed in late 2010 as a result of merging the two bond construction execution branches of Facilities Services Division: New Construction and Existing Facilities. New Construction completed 131 K-12 new schools to relieve overcrowding and return to a traditional two-semester calendar, expanded Early Education Centers and the Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) program at all elementary schools. Existing Facilities executed repair and modernization projects to improve deteriorating, aging and outdated conditions on campuses, including installation of wireless network capability and IT network modernization at 295 District schools as part of the Superintendent's Common Core Technology Project (CCTP). Construction continues, in the repair and modernization of existing campuses, consisting of comprehensive modernizations of schools; critical repair projects; compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); various projects to address specific needs; and providing furnishings and equipment to meet the needs of the students, staff and parents.

    Departments within the Branch

    Construction, Modernization, and Repair (Regional Project Management)<

    Construction, Modernization and Repair is responsible for construction of new schools and the modernization and repair efforts of the branch. Organized in three Regional Project Management departments which are led by Regional Construction Directors,the majority of the work of the branch is 'executed' by this team of construction management professionals.

    Construction Safety

    The Construction Safety Management Team provides field support to District jobsites and is committed to enhancing the safety culture through a goal-driven program of safety awareness, safety training, and institution of proven accident and incident prevention techniques. Assistance to staff and contractors is provided regarding health and safety regulations, reporting requirements, safety training, and other related issues. Partnering with contractors and labor is encouraged to promote a safe working environment with the shared goal of zero jobsite accidents and incidents.

    Facilities Technology Program Management Group (FTPMG)

    The Facilities Technology Program Management Group (FTPMG) is tasked to ensure that the planning, design, construction and coordination exceeds or meets the District's specifications for successful campus-wide cut over of technology. In conjunction with pertinent entities within LAUSD, FTPMG works with the School Administration and Staff, the project General Contractor, and LAUSD Regional Project Management Team to successfully deploy and enable communication over IP based network voice, video, and data protocols.

    Specialized Programs: Furniture and Interiors Group (FIG)

    The Furniture and Interiors Group (FIG) provides professional interior design services, including comprehensive furniture and equipment provisioning for all school facilities through multiple programs including comprehensive modernizations, additions, furniture replacement program, parent centers, school upgrades, conversions and Prop 39 co-locations. Beyond providing upgraded environments for 21st century learning, FIG facilitates the removal of aging, deteriorating and potentially unsafe obsolete furnishings to both support and enhance the learning environment. FIG researches appropriate furniture and equipment requirements and assists the school with the selection of furniture and equipment, budget management, space and interiors planning, acquisition, delivery, and installation.

    Specialized Programs: Access Compliance Unit (ACU)

    The Access Compliance Unit has technical knowledge of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Access Compliance. ACU provides support and technical expertise to all phases of the construction lifecycle via coordination with various Facilities departments, such as Planning, Design and Construction, as we upgrade our school facilities with Repair and Modernization projects. ACU also manages the Rapid Access Program (RAP) which supports school generated requests from the Division of Special Education for student accessibility requiring minor ADA improvements, and provides support to General Counsel's Office of Civil Rights requests.

    Specialized Programs: Central American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Project Management

    The Central ADA Unit is a team of construction management professionals responsible for executing the construction requirements provided by the ACU Unit to comply with the American with Disabilities Act.

    Specialized Programs: Constructability Review Team (CRT)

    The Constructability Review Team (CRT) is a team of construction professionals who review construction bid documents to ensure project work requirements are clear and the documents are coordinated, to assist the contractor in bidding, construction and project administration. The goal is to reduce the impact on the project by providing cost and time savings prior to the start of construction. Therefore, minimizing construction costs increases through change orders and requests for information.


  • Project Execution