Your role in the Self-Assessment for Professional Leadership Expectations process is to support the development of future leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and dispositions to be an effective equity driven-transformational leader. For school site personnel (e.g. teachers) the endorser is the principal. For non-school site based positions (e.g. nurses, PSA/PSW) the endorser is the candidate's direct supervisor. Your endorsement should be made based on your observation and assessment of the individual’s work performance and leadership potential.

    1. Once a candidate has completed their application, you will receive an email providing directions to endorse their application for LAPASC.

    2. Rate the candidate’s Professional Leadership Expectations to determine the applicant’s readiness to further influence equity driven student outcomes and achievements as a school leader. When reflecting on the applicant’s aptitude, consider your personal observation of the quality of his/her work, job-related judgment, and your experiences with the applicant. As you complete the endorsement, utilize the School Leadership Framework Rubrics to guide your reflection.


    For your reference:

    1. Complete Supervisor’s Endorsement online, via the email you will receive upon successful submission of the application by the candidate. Indicate your decision on whether to provide your endorsement for the applicant. By endorsing the applicant you will:

    • Ensure the applicant has an onsite administrative mentor,

    • Provide access to fieldwork experiences, critical (non-confidential) information for the applicant to review, reflect upon, and refine in preparation for serving as a school administrator (e.g., budget, master program, classroom observations, job shadowing, etc.)

    • Acknowledge and allow the participation in a 2-day job-shadowing task at another school site.

    Applicants who do not demonstrate readiness, should not be endorsed at this time.


    If the applicant is not endorsed, take the opportunity to discuss areas that need further development. Collaboratively consider a growth strategy that will provide the applicant with the appropriate professional experience to be able to develop competencies in those areas.


    Individuals who receive an endorsement from the supervisor and who are successful in the paper screening process may be invited to participate in an interview. Those individuals who are successful in the interview will be selected to participate in the LAPASC: Cohort 4. Candidates who satisfactorily complete the LAPASC program, demonstrate proficiency in CTC standards as evidenced through coursework and CalAPA examinations, and meet State and LAUSD requirements will be recommended for a California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. All endorsements must be submitted by February 9, 2024.


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