• LAPASC seeks to create a pipeline of highly qualified leaders who will be prepared to serve in Los Angeles Unified urban schools by offering a comprehensive administrative preparation experience aligned to the required California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPE), the Los Angeles Unified School Leadership Framework (SLF), and the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL). The CAPEs define the entry level proficiencies and the SLF provides Los Angeles Unified’s clear expectations for effective leadership that contribute to improved student learning and teacher effectiveness. By its very design, LAPASC provides a future bridge to the CPSEL requirements for induction programs when administrators clear their credential. Program alumni are expected to be caring, equity-driven leaders who are reflective lifelong learners prepared to adapt their leadership practice in an ever-changing, multicultural world.

    LAPASC is a tuition-waived, one-year, competency-based, job-embedded credentialing program for Los Angeles Unified teacher leaders interested in obtaining their preliminary administrative services credential and serving in high need schools. Qualified candidates must meet the minimum requirements to be considered for participation. While LAPASC is tuition-free, participants are responsible for textbooks, technology, CalAPA (California Administrator Performance Assessment) testing fees, and state credentialing costs.

    The program runs from April 2024 to March 2025. Candidates attendance during the summer is required. Classes will not be scheduled during Winter or Spring break. You can see an overview of the program in the LAPASC Handbook. All dates are tentative until the approval of the 2024-2025 LAUSD School Calendar.

    Additional details on LAPASC are available in our candidate handbook.  



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