• Los Angeles Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program (LAPASC) FAQ  

  • Eligibility

    I am working on my master's degree, can I still apply?

    No, at this time, only applicants who have completed their master’s degree at the time of the application deadline are eligible.

    I am a full-time teacher, but I do not have a non-classroom position leadership position, can I apply?

    Yes, however you should be currently assigned teacher leader responsibilities (e.g. coordinator receiving a stipend, grade/department lead, athletic director, or part time coordinator)


    Application Process

    What will I need to prepare for the application?

    Please refer to the Apply to LAPASC section on our website.

    Program Overview

    How long is the program? Will I have to attend during the Summer, Winter and Spring breaks?

    LAPASC is a one-year program which runs from April 2024 to March 2025. Classes are scheduled during the Summer. Classes are not scheduled for Winter and Spring breaks. Candidates are expected to fully participate in all courses including the Summer sessions. Refer to the Cohort 4 Calendar for additional details.

    When will classes meet? Will they be live or virtual?

    Classes will be held on Thursdays and are held virtually. There are an additional 7 classes offered on Saturday and additional field-trip on a Sunday. These weekend classes are in-person.

    Will I have to pay for the program ?

    LAPASC is a tuition-free, one-year, competency-based, job-embedded credentialing program for Los Angeles Unified teacher leaders interested in obtaining their preliminary administrative services credential and serving in high need schools. Qualified candidates must meet the minimum requirements to be considered for participation. While LAPASC is tuition- free, participants are responsible for textbooks, technology, CalAPA and state credentialing costs.

    WIll I receive any salary points after completing the program?

    Candidates who graduate from LAPASC are granted 7 salary points.


    Master’s Degree Confirmation

    I have a master’s degree; how do I confirm it is on file with Salary Allocation?

    Your first step in confirming if your masters is on file with Salary Allocation is to check your paystub. Review it and see if you are receiving your masters degree differential. If is posted on your paystub, it is on file.

    If it is not reflected on your paystub, contact Salary Allocation at (213) 241-6121 or via email for next steps. You may need to submit:

    1. Completed U-Form

    2. Official Transcript from the accredited institution which conferred the master’s degree.

    You must ensure the degree is on file with this unit prior to the deadline of February 9, 2024.


    Contact Information

    Who can I contact with additional LAPASC questions?

    For LAPASC questions contact Dr. Delia Estrada, Administrative Coordinator at LAPASC@lausd.net.

  • Contact

    Delia Estrada, Ph.D.
    Administrative Coordinator

    Phone Icon(213) 241-3444

    eMail Iconlapasc@lausd.net


      Drop Pin  Address:

    333 S. Beaudry Avenue
    14th Floor

    Los Angeles, CA 90017