Schoology Secondary ELA Textbook Program Groups


    Schoology groups have been established for each of the new secondary ELA core textbook programs: StudySync, Collections, SpringBoard, and myPerspectives. Middle and high school ELA teachers, along with RSP and SDP teachers (teaching and/or supporting ELA), and any out-of-classroom educators supporting ELA are encouraged to join the Schoology group that represents the ELA textbook being used at  their school.

    These groups house resources specific to the designated textbook program, LAUSD ELA resources, and other instructional tools and resources applicable to ELA curriculum and instruction. More importantly, these textbook groups are an excellent opportunity for teachers to seek advice, share and discover ideas, and learn about the great teaching and learning going on in the LAUSD secondary ELA program. These textbook program groups are not for students. 

    To join a group, please select the textbook program (see below) assigned to your school and the appropriate level (middle school or high school). Go to Schoology ( Once you are signed in (using your Single Sign On), click on the "Groups" tab on the top orange task bar. Click on "join" and enter the code (not case sensitive, but you do need to enter the dash) assigned to the textbook group you selected. 




    HIGH SCHOOL:            37CH2-6TDK5



    HIGH SCHOOL:            9NT57-3VWZ4




    HIGH SCHOOL:           ZCHBK-NX7FX 






Anthology Alignment Project

Secondary ELA Textbook Implementation: Digital Access

    Beginning 2016-17, new textbooks were implemented in the middle school (grades 6 - 8) core English Language Arts (ELA) courses and English Language Development (ELD) 3 and 4. In 2017-18, new textbooks are being implemented in the high school (grades 9 - 11) core English Language Arts courses (ELA). All these textbook programs are aligned to the California ELA/ELD Framework, the California ELA Content Standardsand the California English Language Development Standards. The following four textbook programs were selected by the LAUSD Teacher Selection Committee for core ELA course and high school literature electives (grade 12):
    • StudySync - McGraw-Hill
    • Collections - HMH
    • SpringBoard - CollegeBoard 
    • myPerspectives - Pearson (high school only)
    Each textbook program includes a digital platform. Print textbooks and digital licenses were issued to all middle school students and all teachers who teach the following middle school courses: ENG 6, 7, and 8; ELD 3 and 4; high school courses, ENG 9, ENG 10, American Literature and Composition, and Contemporary Composition. Please see below for the teacher and student digital access instructions, including the Help Desk information for each publisher. For information regarding the composition and AP courses, please click on the following links, High School Composition Courses or AP English Courses.
    Secondary ELA educators are invited to join their selected textbook program's Schoology group. To learn more about this curriculum resource and networking opportunity, please visit the  Schoology Secondary Textbook Groups.

Middle School Mindsets for Resiliency and Success

  • The middle school “Mindsets for Resiliency and Success” units are designed to be delivered during the first few weeks of school to help with introducing students to habits of discourse and thinking around reading, writing, speaking, and listening that will support their learning throughout the school year.  Guidance is provided to teachers to help with establishing norms for conversation and collaboration.


Curriculum and Instructional Resources

  • Grades 6 - 12 Course Guidelines 

    These course descriptions are in the process of being revised to reflect the transition to the Common Core State Standards.

    Visit the Ethnic Studies page for more information.

    Inside-Outside Research Project

    The Inside/Outside Research Project addresses the CCSS W7 (grades 6 -12), which focuses on students conducting short research projects to answer a question (including self-generated for grades 8 and above) to pursue “further research and investigation.” This project is designed to use at the beginning of the school year to help students build to mastering this particular standards. This project also provides students the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and understanding of a topic, issue, or theme connected with a text(s). This project is designed to be done over a two to three day period. 


    The Children of Willesden Lane: Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) Module

    This module is a mini-unit designed around a literacy task grounded in the Common Core Standards.  After reading the book, The Children of Willesden Lane, and two articles on resilience, students write an essay tracing the development of the central idea that resilience supports the characters in surviving great hardships.