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  • Ethnic Studies

    In August 2020, LAUSD’s School Board passed the Board Resolution, Ethnic Studies for All Students:
    Reaffirming our commitment to Ethnic Studies in Los Angeles Unified  
    → LAUSD Board Resolution for Ethnic Studies

    MEM-132310 -Guidelines for Implementing the Ethnic Studies for All Students: Reaffirming our Commitment to Ethnic Studies in Los Angeles Unified (Board Resolution) 

    Provides information and guidance on:

    • Ethnic Studies for All Students Board Resolution
    • Ethnic Studies course offerings
    • School-site administrator responsibilities
    • PD and materials to support Ethnic Studies
    • Additional resources and state guidance

     Current course offerings*: 

    • African American Literature 
    • African American History 
    • African American Studies 
    • American Indian Studies 
    • AP African American Studies (Pilot Program)
    • Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Studies
    • Identity Exploration Through Ethnic Studies (for students on an Alternate Curriculum)
    • Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Revised) 
    • Mexican American Literature 
    • Mexican American Studies
    • Voices in Verse: Poetry, Identity, and Ethnic Studies

    *The Division of Instruction is currently working on reviewing and expanding course offerings. Course offerings will be updated periodically.


    Professional Development Opportunities and Instructional Materials: Teachers, for current and upcoming professional development opportunities as well as Ethnic Studies instructional resources, please log into the Ethnic Studies Schoology Group


    Highlighting AP African American Studies in the Media


    Resources from the California Department of Education: 


    California Assembly Bill: AB101: Pupil Instruction:..Ethnic Studies 

    State Content Standards, Curricula, and Instructional Resources that Address Antisemitism   

    Teacher and Administrator Resources for Ethnic Studies are available in Schoology.
    For further questions, contact
    Estevan Leyva
    Coordinator, Ethnic Studies, Humanities, and Related Social Sciences.