• Ethnic Studies

    In August 2020, LAUSD’s School Board passed the Board Resolution, Ethnic Studies for All Students:
    Reaffirming our commitment to Ethnic Studies in Los Angeles Unified  
    → LAUSD Board Resolution for Ethnic Studies

    MEM-132310 -Guidelines for Implementing the Ethnic Studies for All Students: Reaffirming our Commitment to Ethnic Studies in Los Angeles Unified (Board Resolution) 

    Provides information and guidance on:

    • Ethnic Studies for All Students Board Resolution
    • ES course offerings
    • School-site administrator responsibilities
    • PD and materials to support ES
    • Additional resources and state guidance

     Current course offerings*: 

    • African American Literature 
    • African American History 
    • African American Studies 
    • American Indian Studies 
    • AP African American Studies (Pilot Program)
    • Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Studies
    • Identity Exploration Through Ethnic Studies (for students on an Alternate Curriculum)
    • Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Revised) 
    • Mexican American Literature 
    • Mexican American Studies
    • Voices in Verse: Poetry, Identity, and Ethnic Studies

    *The Division of Instruction is currently working on reviewing and expanding course offerings. Course offerings will be updated periodically.


    Professional Development Opportunities and Instructional Materials: Teachers, for current and upcoming professional development opportunities as well as Ethnic Studies instructional resources, please log into the Ethnic Studies Schoology Group

    Resources from the California Department of Education: 


    California Assembly Bill: 

    Teacher and Administrator Resources for Ethnic Studies are available in Schoology.
    For further questions, contact
    Estevan Leyva
    Coordinator, Ethnic Studies, Humanities, and Related Social Sciences.