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    Protecting the Safety of Vaccine Site Staff

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  • Campus Safety
    Sites will adhere to the following safety protocols:

    • The site will immediately consult with the LASPD or local law enforcement for incidents such as, weapons, drugs, suspicious activity, intruder and threats.
    • Site should be advised by LASPD/local law enforcement if site operations must be ceased. If the site is under imminent threat, program leader can make determination to stop operations. Division lead and LASPD should be consulted for support. Program leader shall promptly notify their Division leadership of site closure and/or significant impact to site.
    • If an emergency/disaster takes place while school is in session, the site team should follow and support the school's Integrated Safe School Plan (ISSP) and take direction from the principal/designee.
    • For all non-life-threatening emergencies, site can contact LASPD at 213-625-6631 for support and consultation.
    • The POD leader will serve as the lead for emergency purposes.
    • If during an emergency the site has members of the public who remain on campus, site staff members will guide the public as the site follows emergency response protocols.
    • All vaccination site staff are encouraged to download the LAUSD Emergency Plan app.

    Refer to the Physical Security Measures (Security Plan) and the Emergency Quick Guide for District Program on a School Campus. The POD leader should also consult with the school administrator regarding the school’s ISSP and collaboration during major emergencies/disasters.

    General Safety Considerations

    • Staff should be vigilant for suspicious activity and persons approaching without appointments or being overly inquisitive about operational processes. Staff should report the person to Site Lead and School Police as soon as practical.
    • Staff is encouraged to report suspicious activity including threats, drivers revving their engine and erratic driving.
    • Because historically medical emergencies have been used as a distraction for criminal activity, designated staff should be identified to keep their post to ensure the safety of the vaccines and related supplies. Other staff will be free to respond to render aid.

    Personal Protective Equipment
    Due to the risk of COVID-19, additional personal protective equipment (PPE) are recommended for staff operating vaccine administration sites in the field, depending on the location as follows:

    For staff administering vaccine or conducting reaction response in non-ventilated indoor space:

    • Gloves - changed after each vaccination
    • N95 masks
    • Face shields
    • Gowns
    • Head and shoe covers are optional

    For staff administering vaccine or conducting reaction response in outdoor settings or ventilated large venues:

    • Gloves - changed after each employee
    • Procedural masks or disposable face masks
    • Face shields
    • Gowns
    • Head and show covers are optional

    For all other staff assisting at vaccine administration sites:

    • Disposable non-medical gloves
    • Disposable face mask
    • Face shield
  • L.A. Unified COVID-19 Vaccination Site Checklists

  • Initial/Periodic Site Readiness Checklist

  • Daily Staff Briefing Checklist

  • Daily Set-up Checklist

  • Daily Closing Checklist