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    Planning for Vaccine Administration

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  • When planning for vaccine administration in the field, ensure the following:

    • Select a large space that is outdoors or a large school space such as a gym with excellent ventilation, or increase ventilation by opening windows and doors. Utilizing covered gathering areas is also acceptable.
    • As much as possible, vaccination site operations will be away from roadways and service drives and cued lines will not extend into service drives.
    • Gates and barriers will limit the ability to drive a vehicle onto a campus and potentially injure vaccination participants and staff.
    • If a drive-up model is established, it is advised that lines be cued in a serpentine pattern that would prevent a driver from gaining significant speed.
    • Reconfigure the layout and placement of tables to ensure physical distancing of staff.
    • Require an appointment to stagger arrivals to avoid large numbers of clients gathering.
    • Encourage clients to wait outside or in their cars until the vaccine is ready to be administered.
    • Prepare necessary supplies prior to vaccine administration to limit contact time.
    • Ensure cleaning products and hand sanitizers are available.
    • Post signage to remind employees of hand and respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.
    • Ensure proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is available for staff.

    During vaccine administration field operations, implement the following:

    • Screen clients for symptoms prior to entering the site and protocols for those that may have symptoms, using the most recent list of health assessment questions:
    • http://www.lausd.org/covid19
    • Inform clients who have more than one of the symptoms that they are ineligible to receive vaccine.
    • Designate areas 6 feet apart for clients.
    • Have clients site while receiving vaccination.
    • Mandate facemask or cloth face coverings for clients receiving vaccination and protocols for non-compliance.
    • Keep interactions with clients receiving vaccination short, with minimal physical contact.
    • Clean surfaces after each vaccination (pens, clipboards, tables).
    • Ensure strict adherence to hand hygiene practices and proper PPE donning and doffing techniques for staff.