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    Set up and tear down of a site on the first day of operations may be extended, as staff learns optimal placement of items. The goal for setting up vaccination sites is to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible, creating an efficient work flow so that each site is ready to begin vaccinating when the first appointment arrives. Knowing where vaccine administration supplies and materials are stored, training staff well, and communicating to all staff members help ensure a successful vaccination site. 

    Key checklist for Vaccination Site Operations:

    ❏  Always keep safety first.
    ❏  Adequate staffing.
    ❏  Appropriate equipment.
    ❏  Site Layout plan, good traffic flow.
    ❏  Room for deliveries.
    ❏  Parking Support.
    ❏  Signage identifying the site as a vaccination site; ‘Three S for Site Safety’ poster; and other
         signage, subject to change, based on vaccination site needs.
    ❏  Check-in procedure completed by each vaccination team member.
    ❏  Communication devices and contact information (Some team members may have
         iPads/tablets to support operations.)
    ❏  Ask for operational support through LAUSD Vaccine/Testing Operations Center (VTOC) if

    Key checklist for Vaccination Site Deactivation:


    ❏  Confirm with the LAUSD Vaccine/Testing Operations Center time to break down the
    ❏  Collect all required information, preferably in digital format.
    ❏  Debriefing vaccination team and address any issues or problems encountered during
         vaccination site operations.
    ❏  Clear tables of all supplies and wipe down.
    ❏  Remove signage and return to storage or discard any signage that cannot be reused.
    ❏  Fold, stack and return tables and chairs to the storage site.
    ❏  Return vaccination site to normal operations.
    ❏  Sharps container?
    ❏  Ensure that all vaccination site staff check out and provide check-in/out sheet to vaccination
         site lead or designee.
    ❏  Return unused materials and vaccination site pharmaceuticals to (TBD?) or other identified

  • Staff Check-in and Training Highlights from the LA UNIFIED COVID-19 Vaccination Site

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Site Health and Safety Guidelines