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    Services for SMS Physicians, optometrists, and medical support staff provide needed health care to students who have no access to a regular doctor, and work collaboratively with providers to ensure comprehensive, integrated school health service delivery. Staff provide direct health care services in schools and clinics throughout the district.

    Types of Services

    • Physical exams
    • Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) services
    • Immunizations: thru age 18, subject to (VFC eligibility requirements)
    • Nutrition assessment and counseling
    • Primary care visits
    • Reproductive health care
    • Vision services


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    Wellness Centers flyerSchool-based Health Centers - buttonClinicas de Salud en Planteles Escolars - button

    SMSMP Factsheet - SpanishSMSMP Factsheet - English


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    Ron Tanimura, Ed.D

    333 S. Beaudry Ave.,
    29th Fl. Los Angeles, CA 90017
    P: (213) 202-7584
    Fax: (213) 580-0559


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