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    Dental ExamAn on-site free dental screening by a licensed dental professional may be provided at your child’s school. The purpose of this dental screening is to check your child’s teeth for tooth decay. Cavities (tooth decay) are the most common disease experienced by children. However, tooth decay is preventable. In California, 54% of kindergarteners and 70% of third graders have experienced tooth decay. Tooth decay causes pain and can lead to malnutrition, poor performance in school, childhood speech problems, and serious infections. Participating in a school screening has many benefits:
      • You do not need to take time off from work. No missed school days or workdays.
      • FREE dental assessment by a licensed dental professional.
      • Quick look at your child’s teeth, no instruments are used during the screening.
      • Referral to dental professional, if needed.
      • Complies with the Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment Requirement law (AB 1433 & SB 379)
         and supports children’s school readiness and success under the Kindergarten Readiness Act (SB 1381).
    If your child is screened and found to have urgent dental problems, your child will be sent home with a letter. If you receive a letter, it is important that you take your child to a dentist or dental provider for an evaluation. If you want your child to participate in the screenings for his/her grade, no further action is required. If you DO NOT want your child to participate in the on-site dental screenings, please download the PDF Opt-out Consent letter and return it to your child’s school.

    Dental Services Opt-Out Parent Consent

    Letter of Oral AssessmentDental Opt-Out Consent Form



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