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  • Year 2: Stakeholder Feedback Surveys

    Stakeholder Survey teacher and school reports from year 1 were delivered to schools at the beginning of the school year.  To view the validity and reliability report from last year's survey administration, please click here: CSES Reliability and Validity.

    To further refine the instrument, we will again administer the surveys to test their long-term validity and reliability and get further feedback from SIG participants.  The surveys have been shortened and revised based on last year's feedback, and the student survey will focus more on classroom rather than school climate.  As with last year, we will take precautions to ensure confidentiality.  Teachers will receive confidential individualized reports and principals will receive school level reports.  If a subject is taught by only one teacher, that data will be excluded from the school level report. 

    The student survey will be paper-based so a time will be arranged with each school site to administer the survey.  The staff survey will be computer-based and can be completed at a time and location that is more convenient to participants. 

    The 4 hours of SIG time related to the Stakeholder Survey will come from the group activity as well as taking the staff survey.  Like last year, you will review the survey questions and format and make suggestions for improvement.  This year, you will not only give feedback on the Student and Staff Surveys, but also the new Parent survey.  These surveys are not meant to replace the School Experience Survey.

    To complete the activity, please follow the steps below:

    • Step 1 - Download the activity guide.
    • Step 2 - Download the items below for your level:
      • Draft Secondary Surveys (only if you're a secondary school teacher)
        • Student School Climate
        • Student Classroom Experience
        • Staff Survey
        • Parent Survey  (secondary)
      • Draft Elementary Surveys (only if you're an elementary school teacher)
        • Student Survey
        • Staff Survey
        • Parent Survey (elementary)
    • Step 3 - Follow the activity guide
    • Step 4 - Group leader comes back here to enter feedback.