Online Selection Process

  • Training Materials and Support
    For technical support with the ZOC selection web site,  please call the ZOC Office at 213-241-0466.
    You may also refer to the Quick Guides and FAQs.
  • FAQ

    What link do I use for the students to log in, and do I need to sign in with my single sign on?

    No, you do not need to use your single sign on, just cut and paste the following link:


    Why does my residential Zone have a school name listed?

    Zones of Choice do not have 4 digit codes assigned to them.  The Legacy school's 4 digit code is assigned.  It does not mean that the student will go to that school.


    Can I mass print all of the parent confirmation letters after the students have submitted selection?

    No, as of right now, you can only print one student at a time.  The student can print right after selection is submitted.  The ZOC Administrative designee can view and print after student selection submission from the ZOC Administrative site.


    Who can be a ZOC Administrative designee?

    Any employee who has a Single Sign On account can be a designee as long as the principal approves them.


    Do I have to log in every time I go to the ZOC portal, even if I bookmark it?



    What do I do when student 's application says inactive?

    On the ZOC administrative link, click on the student's demographic number and open the window, then hit the update button and close window. This should activate the student's account again.