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  • Now that students and staff have settled into their schedules, it is time to start planning for the recruitment of the next cohort of 9th grade students that will enroll in Zone of Choice high schools next year. The students residing in your school's attendance area are offered multiple options for high school through their local Zone of Choice. The Zone of Choice initiative is a key component of the District’s strategic goal to provide a portfolio of high quality schools for all families and youth, offering students an opportunity to meet their individual academic interests.
    The smaller school setting of Zone of Choice school options provides an environment allowing teachers to know their students well, students to make strong connections to their school, and parents to become more actively engaged in their child’s education. As a school leader, you will play a critical role, along with your staff and current students, in sharing each high school’s unique offerings with the community, especially families of 8th graders in the feeder middle schools of your Zone's local attendance pattern.
    You will find resources to assist you with outreach to families on the following pages. Thank you for the work you do every day in leading our schools, and we look forward to working with you to ensure this year’s enrollment process is successful for students, schools and families.


    Zones of Choice Office