Part of Procurement's mission is to provide the most cost effective prices for goods and services to our schools and offices. Below is our recommended shopping steps to get your items or services at the most cost effective price possible. To help you maximize your purchasing funds, we have emphasized the areas where savings can be achieved.

    Step 1: Check for your item(s) at the General Stores Distribution (Formerly Warehouse) Online Catalog.

    General Stores Distribution stocks over 2,700 educational tools, office supplies, furniture, equipment, and specialty items that support a variety of instructional programs. Because of the District's volume purchasing power, General Stores Distribution provides schools and offices with quality products at the most competitive prices available.


    Step 2: Item not available at General Stores Distribution? Save time and funds by ordering from LAUSD Master Agreements for Commodities and Professional Services.

    All Master Agreements provide you savings through: a) volume purchasing power; and b) time savings by replacing the entire contracting process with a streamlined ordering process. In addition, Procurement provided further savings for Professional Services by aggressively negotiating lower rates for services.

    • Step 2A: Purchasing a copier? Purchase your copier with the Unified Print Program. The Unified Print Program is the District-wide imaging program, providing the most efficient and cost effective imaging services possible.

    Step 3: If you cannot find your item at General Stores Distribution or Master Agreement click on the area below which applies to your needs.

    • Step 3A: If your purchase is $5,000 or less, click HERE. You will purchase with your District P-Card for commodities and general services, or with a purchase order for professional services or if the vendor does not accept P-Card as a form of payment for commodities and general services.
    • Step 3B: If your purchase is over $5,000, click HERE. You will issue: 1) a Shopping Cart, and 2) provide a completed Request for Procurement Action (RFPA) for all Professional Service purchases over $25,000 and for commodity and general services purchases over the State bid threshold.

    Step 4: Are you purchasing books, requesting conference attendance or renting a Non-District facility? Use the links below to find further instructions on how to purchase the item.