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  • Cohort 2 Year 1: Growth and Development Modules

    Growth Modules help teachers enhance their practice in particular components of the Teaching and Learning Framework, and are usually conducted after teachers complete an Individual Growth Plan and have identified areas of improvement.  The module you'll be test driving is Questioning and Discussion techniques, component 3b in the LAUSD Teaching and Learning Framework.  The purpose of your participation is to give feedback and help us improve the learning experience for teachers in the future.

    The first session will be on Saturday, April 13, at Drew Middle School and the second session will be Monday-Tuesday, April 15-16, at Beaudry Central Office.  You can sign up by going to Learning Zone --> Courses --> Class Offerings --> Keyword --> SIG113.  Click on the name of the class and in the new window click on Enroll.   Once you enroll, we will send a confirmation email.

    Please note this is a "Choose 1" activity, which means you can only pick one of the following: Peer Observation, Eye of the Observer Training, Growth and Development Module.  If you do more than 1 of these activities, we will not be able to compensate you for the extra hours.  If you are unsure about what to do, please contact Paul Hsu at paul.hsu@lausd.net  or 424-241-3411.