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  • Cohort 2 Year 1: "Eye of the Observer" Training

    "Eye of the Observer" Training allows teachers to experience the process by which observers are trained to formally observe teaching.  The actual observer training spans 5 full days, so this 1-day session will give teachers just a taste of what is expected of observers and a conceptual understanding of the process.

    The first session will be on Saturday, April 6, at Drew Middle School; more sessions will be scheduled in the near future.  You can sign up by going to Learning Zone --> Courses --> Class Offerings --> Keyword --> SIG200.  Click on the name of the class and in the new window click on Enroll.   Once you enroll, we will send a confirmation email.

    Please note this is a "Choose 1" activity, which means you can only pick one of the following: Peer Observation, Eye of the Observer Training, Growth and Development Module.  If you do more than 1 of these activities, we will not be able to compensate you for the extra hours.  If you are unsure about what to do, please contact Paul Hsu at paul.hsu@lausd.net  or 424-241-3411.