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  • Cohort 2 Year 1: Danielson Book Study Group

    This page contains all of the necessary information to conduct the book study group discussions regarding Charlotte Danielson's Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching.  There is also an FAQ (frequently asked questions) below the directions.  When completed, the study group activity will add 10 hours towards the 30-hour requirement.

    • Step 1 - Click here to download and print the book study directions and forms
    • Step 2 - Review the requirements of the book study activity and form your book study groups.  Groups should have no more than 10 people and no less than 5 people.
    • Step 3 - Select a "convener" who will organize and facilitate the first meeting, which should happen by February 28, 2013.  For the convener's other responsibilities, please refer to the book study directions.
    • Step 4 - Convene your first meeting.  In the first meeting, you should:
      • bring workshop packet
      • distribute books
      • schedule tentative dates for future meetings
      • select facilitators for future meetings
    • Step 5 - Conduct 8 hours of meetings focused on the text.  You can break down the hours into any number of meetings, whether it's eight 1-hour meetings or two 4-hour meetings.  The last 2 hours are for the individual reflection.
    • Step 6 -  Conduct the final meeting.  In the final meeting, you should:
      • bring your 1 page reflection
      • share aspects of reflection and overall takeaways from reading, as well as reflect on book study group process
      • hand reflection to convener, who will prepare the Book Study Group Summary that includes attendance sheets and reflections.
    • Step 7 - Convener faxes me the paperwork at (213) 241-8466, or alternatively, and I will come pick up the paperwork.

    If you have any suggestions for improving the book study group process, please write them on the back of the Summary coversheet.


    • Do we register our group in advance or do we simply turn in all documents on or before May 30th?
    • Is the final reflection a group document or is there one for each participant?
    • Are there any guidelines for the final reflection?

    The final reflection is an individual document and free form.  If your group members would like more structure, we can create some guiding questions for the reflection.  It's really more about what they find most interesting, how do they see the framework being applied in their own classrooms, what additional questions/concerns do they have about the framework.  Bulleted list is fine, doesn't need to be a 5 paragraph essay, half--page to one-page length. 

    • Can we have an extension past April 12?

    All SIG activity due dates are suggested due dates but please keep in mind that the final date for all SIG activities is June 30 (as stated in the Side Letter), that it gets busy at school sites towards the end of the school year, and that it takes time to process payroll.