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  • Cohort 2 Year 1: Intro to Teacher Growth & Dev Cycle Workshop #1 (SIG101)


    To sign up, go to Learning Zone --> Courses --> Class Offerings --> Keyword --> SIG101.  Click on the name of the class and in the new window click on Enroll.   Once you enroll, we will send a confirmation email with directions on how to take the class.


    • Build an understanding of the Teaching & Learning Framework
    • Understand the nature of learning for students and teachers
    • Understand how a common language for Teaching & Learning promotes professional conversation and a culture of learning
    • Establish some initial processes to apply the Teaching & Learning Framework in practice
    • Collaborate with colleagues


    • Wisdom of practice
    • Exploring levels of performance (Domains 2 – Classroom Environment and 3 – Instructional Delivery)
    • Role of evidence in non-observable domains
    • Application
    • Preparing for next steps


    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Can we have the workshop at our school site?

    A: The workshops will be conducted at the 10 SIG schools (see map).  However, because each school will host only 1 or 2 sessions of the workshops, you may or may not attend the workshop at your school site.  It really depends on which days your school site has selected for hosting the sessions.


    Q: Will there be a break or breaks on the all-day workshops? I doubt teachers can go all day without at least a one hour or even half an hour lunch. If there is a break will that count for the 6 hours?

    A: Yes, there will be breaks and a 1-hour lunch break during the all-day workshops.  However, food will not be provided so please plan accordingly.


    Q: If an emergency comes up, will there be alternative dates?

    A:  If there is an emergency, please let me know.  As of now, we don't have alternative dates scheduled so make-up sessions are not guaranteed. 


    If you have other questions, please email Paul Hsu.