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    Amplify Science


    Imagine a science program where your child gets to act like a real scientist! That's what Amplify Science is all about. It's a way of learning science in elementary school (grades K-8) that's different from just reading out of a textbook.

    Here's the exciting part:

    • Hands-on activities: Amplify Science uses things kids can see and touch to learn about science. This could be building models, doing experiments, or going on virtual field trips.
    • Reading and writing like scientists: Your child will learn to read science content and also write about their findings, just like real scientists do.
    • Cool digital tools: Amplify Science uses computers and tablets in a fun way to help kids learn. There might be simulations, animations, or even games to help them explore science concepts.

    Overall, Amplify Science helps kids with these important skills:

    • Thinking critically: Your child will learn to ask questions, gather evidence, and solve problems like a scientist.
    • Working together: Science is a team effort, and Amplify Science helps kids learn how to collaborate with classmates.
    • Loving science: By making science fun and engaging, Amplify Science can spark a lifelong love of learning in your child.

    If you'd like to learn more, you can talk to your child's teacher. There might even be some online resources or videos from Amplify Science that you can look at together.


    FOSS NextGen

    FOSS NextGen is a science program designed to turn your child's classroom into a place of discovery! It's all about learning science through hands-on activities, just like real scientists do. Here's what makes it exciting for elementary school students (grades K-5):

    • Let's investigate! FOSS NextGen uses activities like experiments, building models, and making observations to help kids understand science concepts. Think of it like playtime with a scientific twist!
    • Science detectives: Your child will learn to ask questions, gather evidence, and solve problems – all important skills for a budding scientist.
    • More than textbooks: While there are reading materials, FOSS NextGen focuses on helping kids learn by doing. It's a fun way to break away from just memorizing facts.

    FOSS NextGen helps your child develop important skills like:

    • Critical thinking: They'll learn to analyze information and form their own conclusions, just like real scientists.
    • Collaboration: Science is a team effort, and FOSS NextGen encourages teamwork through group activities and discussions.
    • A love of science: By making science fun and engaging, FOSS NextGen can spark a lifelong curiosity about the world around them.

    If you're interested in learning more, you can talk to your child's teacher. They might even have some resources from FOSS NextGen that you can look at together, like experiment guides or student workbooks.

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    Insects & Plants

    Forces in Action†


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    Air & Weather

    Plants & Animals


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    Animals Two by Two


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