Professional Development Offered by The Division of Instruction

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    1- Schools or Community of Schools may request professional development on their adopted curriculum by emailing Ayham Dahi on the email listed below. This offer is available for schools that adopt programs from Amplify, Discovery Education, HMH Science Dimensions, or Savvas. 

    2- Department Chair Convening: Secondary Science Department Chairs, or Chairs Designees, are invited to   4 days of professional development as a follow-up on their Science Summer Learning. Science leaders will dive into the science and engineering practices for meaningful sense-making and to ensure success on CAST. Phenomena-based instruction, science discourse, and STEM identity are the topics of the other three sessions. The goal is to build the leaders' capacity to take their learning back to school. 

    3- New Science Teachers with 1-5 years of experience are invited to participate in a year-long institute to build their content and pedagogical capacity to support all students. 

    4- All secondary science teachers have a Gizmos account. Gizmos is a digital tool for virtual labs and simulations. Multiple levels of professional development are available to support teachers' implementation of Gizmos. 

    For any questions, please email Ayham Dahi, Secondary Science Coordinator