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  • SAP Ariba LogoA cloud-based solution that allows suppliers and buyers to connect and do business over a single platform. The SAP Ariba will be rolled out in two phases.

  • We are happy to announce that Los Angeles Unified District (LAUSD) is transitioning to SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP). SLP will allow suppliers to self-serve and maintain their data through SAP Ariba.

    Ariba Phase 1: These enhancements will change the processes for vendors and procurement staff.

    • Supplier Management (Vendor registration)
    • Solicitation/eBids)-Coming Soon!

    Existing suppliers will receive an emailed invitation from the Ariba Network to update your LAUSD profile over the next few months, between October and December 2023.  Suppliers with current supplier numbers that begin with "1" and are 10 digits long MUST wait for the official emailed invitation to avoid creating duplicate accounts. 

    Brand New Suppliers who have never done business with LAUSD can start the registration process for an LAUSD Supplier number by visiting the Self Registration page.

    Conducting business on the Ariba Network will be
    to continue doing business with LAUSD.

    There is no cost to doing business with LAUSD on the Ariba Network Standard Account. Basic functionalities are provided with a free-of-charge standard account. However, Ariba may suggest for you to pay to upgrade to their Enterprise Account. This is not necessary as the standard account allows you to continue working with LAUSD.

    Here’s what you will need to complete the registration and interface with Ariba:

    • Company name, address and contact information
    • Tax ID (FEIN or SSN)
    • Existing Ariba network suppliers will need your Ariba login info
    • New Ariba network suppliers will need to add Product categories applicable to your business
    • Attach recent W-9
    • Number of employees and average annual sales


  • Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier registration in Ariba is now live. The invitations are being sent in waves to existing vendors to the email address that is in your vendor master information. Existing vendors should be on the lookout for an invitation email to re-register with LAUSD and create and link your Ariba Network Account. Vendors who already have an LAUSD vendor number must not complete registration for brand new suppliers, as this will create a duplicate vendor number and cause errors in the system. Brand new suppliers may register for a supplier number at the link on the PSD Vendor webpage. At this time, there is no change in our PO, contracts, or invoicing processes.

If you already have an Ariba account, you will be able to link it to LAUSD once you receive the re-registration invite from LAUSD.

Training materials are provided on the Procurement Services Division Ariba Phase 1 webpage at

Suppliers who fail to receive SAP ARIBA invitations or email notifications should contact the SAP Global Procurement Organization to confirm the primary contact person information. LAUSD’s Vendor Services Unit will be able to re-trigger the invitation and email notifications as required.

Please also check if the invitation mail has potentially been moved to your SPAM folder.

A previous user has accessed the link (shared inboxes). If the supplier profile is inaccessible, SAP can reactivate the link by resending the invitation. Suppliers should also deactivate pop-up/ad blockers.

All suppliers and subcontractors are encouraged to register with the Ariba Network to promote competition. Additionally, if you are an SBE, Veteran, or Micro Business, you must register on the SAP Business Network to maintain your certification with LAUSD.

  • Support

    For assistance, please contact
    LAUSD's Vendor Services Unit at or