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  • Fentanyl Awareness


  • Welcome to the District's web page dedicated to fentanyl awareness. This page is part of the ongoing efforts to increase awareness on the fentanyl crisis plaguing the nation and our schools. 

    In response to the opioid crisis, the District has implemented a stock Naloxone program. Naloxone, often referred to as the brand name Narcan, is a life-saving medication that can be sprayed into a nostril to reverse an opioid overdose. When given in time, the medication restores normal breath to a person whose breathing has slowed or stopped because of an opioid overdose. 

    The District is actively training on-site administrators, nurses, and personnel to administer naloxone in an emergency situation. We continue to partner with health organizations and engage in interdivisional collaborations to raise awareness, prevent drug use, and reduce harm.

    Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, is a prescription drug used to treat severe pain. Prescribed fentanyl is colorless, odorless, and can cause rapid respiratory depression resulting in accidental death. 

    Illegally-made fentanyl, often referred to as "street" fentanyl, is sometimes mixed with other highly addictive and dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine. Sometimes, street fentanyl is made with bright colors to resemble candy and appeal to youth. 

    Please beware that even one small dose of street fentanyl, the equivalent of 5-7 grains of salt, can be deadly. 

    If you, or someone you know, is struggling with substance abuse, there is a free helpline available toll-free, 24/7, year-round, with interpretation as an option provided by the Los Angeles County’s Substance Abuse Service Helpline (844) 804-7500. 

    For more information on the opioid epidemic, please refer to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website: Understanding the Epidemic.


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  • FAQ


  • Is there real prescription medicine in the pills you buy on social media, online, or on the street?

  • Is there a chance I can become ill or overdose from being exposed to fentanyl without ingesting it?

  • Can I trust pills that I get from someone I know, friends, followers on social media?

  • If the pill is stamped with markings such as “M-30” does that mean it’s real and safe?

  • If I take half a fake pill will that lessen my chances of overdosing or being poisoned?