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    We maintain the confidential medical records and direct the review and approval of mandated medical clearances and employee health evaluations for all current employees and applicants to the District. With care and compassion, we guide employees through mental and physical health challenges and promote employee wellness initiatives.


  • All employees working with preschool-aged children (Early Education Centers and/or Early Childhood Special Education classrooms) must complete these forms below.


    What We Do

    • Maintain the District's employee's confidential medical
      records and documents.
    • Direct the administration, coordination, and
      recommendations of employment health evaluations.
    • Direct the review and approval of mandated medical
      clearances for certificated applicants and returning
    • Evaluate District employees returning from medical leave,
      requesting leave extensions, and reinstatements.
    • Direct and manage the District's tuberculosis compliance
    • Guide and coordinate medical care and recommendations
      for employees undergoing physical and emotional distress.