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    About Student Health and Human Services


    Why We Exist

    To provide affirming whole child, whole school, and whole community wellness supports that empower all students to thrive and be Ready For The World.


  • Our Priorities

    Student Health and Human Services exists to fulfill the District's commitment to serving the whole child – attending to the social, emotional, and physical health and wellness of our students, so they are prepared and energized to focus on learning, growing, and building meaningful connections at school. Our work promotes Joy and Wellness, the second pillar of the Los Angeles Unified 2022-26 Strategic Plan, directly addressing these priorities:

    Priority 2A: Welcoming Learning Environments:
    Design and sustain welcoming, safe, environmentally friendly, affirming, and inclusive learning environments

    Priority 2B: Whole-Child Well-Being:
    Promote whole-child well-being through integrated health, nutrition, and wellness services

    Priority 2C: Strong Social-Emotional Skills:
    Cultivate and model strong social-emotional skills

    Priority 2D: Outstanding Attendance:
    Ensure outstanding attendance to support consistent in-class learning

  • Who We Are

    Our five departments work collaboratively to provide integrated service delivery to all students according to need. 

    Black Student Achievement Program
    Jeanique Wells and Wendy Cholico, Directors

    We provide multi-tiered support to school communities to promote – and address barriers to the implementation of the social emotional learning and mental health and wellness components of the Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP).

    Pupil Services and Attendance
    Elsy Rosado, Director

    We provide multi-tiered support to school communities, families, and students to promote and address barriers to regular school attendance.

    School Mental Health
    Lakisha Johnson, Director

    We provide comprehensive, multi-tiered school social work and mental health services while serving as an instrumental link between school, home, and community in supporting students to thrive in college, career, and their lives beyond our classroom walls.  

    Student Support Programs
    Denise Miranda, Director

    We provide specialized services to students in vulnerable populations with shared characteristics, i.e., youth in foster care, experiencing homelessness, involved in the juvenile justice system, others.

    Wellness Programs
    William Celestine, Director

    We provide the navigation tools to help every child and family access school and community resources to achieve wellness.


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